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Mutual development for mutual benefits between emerging and developed countries
Un développement mutuel et des bienfaits partagés entre pays émergeants et développés
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In today's world, the concept of the divide between "North" and "South", between "developed" and "emerging" countries is becoming obsolete. While developing, now emerging, countries have become major stakeholders in global affairs, developed countries are facing difficulties. Regions and countries have become interrelated, their destinies interconnected. If the vision of sustainable development is extended to take into account these dynamics between emerging and developed countries, then a virtuous circle can be set in motion.

Businesses and Organisations (governmental, non-governmental and international) are realising that the concepts of social and environmental responsibility are a plus for their efficiency, their visibility and their appreciation. Here two, the divide between business and development is being attenuated. Businesses that integrate a concept of sustainable development and development programmes a concept of business are the future.

Through its services, MutualDEV ® is a stakeholder in this positive change and looks forward to be of service to your organisation or your business, be it in India or in Switzerland / Europe.